Carnegie Vitali, a self-made billionaire and hit man/assassin for an Italian mob family and a private organization, who lives a twisted lifestyle, tries to hold his family together by keeping them safe from unforeseen danger. He marries twice and shares children with both of his wives. His first wife never loved him. She only wanted the money. But his second wife, whose faith was strong in God, loved him through it all, hard and unconditionally.

Carnegie also suffers off and on, dealing with three mental illnesses, multiple personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and paranoid schizophrenia. The one that affects him the most is multiple personality disorder, which causes him to turn into some of his alter egos unknowingly. Even though his wife and mother prayed consistently to God and needed him too, he still didn’t believe in a God that would make someone mentally ill.

Ordered to do another job, Carnegie kills a young boy’s father, not knowing that he would soon grow up to avenge his father’s death. The young man vowed that if he ever saw Carnegie again, he would kill him. Years later, tables turn. His past finally catches up to him, and near tragedy strikes hard, leaving his wife in the hospital with a 10 percent survival rate from a bullet taken in the chest that was meant for him. Feeling helpless, not knowing if his wife will make it through the night, Carnegie puts his differences aside and turns to God for the first time, hoping that his prayers will be answered.

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